How Can I Monitor Historical Usage and Set Budgets for Individual Functions in Pipedream to Prevent Spam Sign-ups Overloading Our Web App?

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Hi Gang - Well in our web app (prototype/beta, handful of users) a few hours ago we started getting a couple users sign up every second. Clearly spam. We took our site private for now to stem the flow of incoming traffic, we can do that since we are rather early and have an understanding audience. Meanwhile, I had a workflow in Pipedream that just went crazy since it is a “new user sign up” that notifies and logs. Looks like it spent credits of close to 83k. Ouch! I wanted to look at historical credit usage on this function, I believe it is only around a few credits a day typically. So

As it relates to Pipedream:

  1. how can I see historical usage overall or just for a function? On the billing and usage screen I only see since the monthly reset. I’m looking for stats and not detailed calls.
  2. Just while in this state of overspending, it makes me wonder if I could stem some pain had there been a budget capability per function. I know there is a budget capability overall, though since we had a couple people working on automations I never turned that on.
    Finally, I’m curious what is to gain by someone doing all the spamming sign ups.

In lieu of a budget, would something like this work?


It’s almost like a budget, because limiting the executions also limits the credits. :man-shrugging:

Yes, I could see that working and I see it is already there. I always thought of this as a short term thing, but that was my own assumption that limited the scope of this.

For now I’ll do something like you are showing, so many executions in a 24 hour period

Maybe not the best to be pointed out here, but I always feel like when I change something in settings there should be a save or something confirming the change occured.