How Can I extract email id or Phone Number From The Trigger

I have Trigger Where I wanted to How Can I extract email id or Phone Number From The Trigger

[How do I parse the email body and any attachments from inbound emails and then push them to an app?]

Hello @garggaurav95288

You can learn how to access data from other steps, including the trigger here:

If you prefer a video you can watch this instead:

The whole course of short videos to teach you the foundations of building workflows are available here:

this i know i wanted to extract email from a large text like string can you help me on that

there is data that contains text i want to extract the mail id from that text

Hi @garggaurav95288

To search strings of text for specific patterns - I recommend you take a look at learning Regex in Javascript or Python, which you can use in Pipedream workflows.

With regex you can look for patterns in text strings that look like emails.

i’m new in dev thing can you show with some examples it will help me

i’m waiting for just one example

Hi @garggaurav95288

Here’s a great list of Node.js and Javascript resources to learn from: Writing Node.js in Steps

I recommend starting with learning the basics of variables and strings.

A Pipedream Partner can also assist you if you need help from a professional: Connect with a Pipedream Partner

Or you can request to have a specific action built here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub