How can I add a 2nd trigger to receive a different set of data received on my webhook?

I have a webhook, which receives different set of data, and i want to collect them all on a google sheet.


    • Delivery status of a message sent to a WhatsApp number
    • Response received to a message sent.

At a time i am only able to capture one set of response.

is there a way i could capture both response lets say one trigger add a new raw to sheet1 and another to sheet2.

Hi @IYFNoida

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Sounds like you have two separate incoming webhooks - one from the WhatsApp message sent event and the other from inbound messages from WhatApp users.

This is totally doable, you can use two separate Pipedream workflows that update the same Google Sheet.

No, I have one webhook only and this is where all the response are received, but i am able to capture results from only one set of events.

i am looking for a way to also capture events related to msg delivery received on the same webhook.

You could use Node.js or Python code steps to make a conditional statement to branch your logic out, then you could either make the API calls directly to Google Sheets or call another workflow to actually perform the work.

Branching within a workflow is a highly requested feature, it’s on our roadmap. But for the time being you’ll have to use conditionals in code steps to handle this particular problem.

Thanks, i can explore that, are there any tutorial or example steps which i can replicate?

Yes, you can start with the Code Steps course in the Pipedream University series.

If you prefer to read, here’s a full Node.js Code Steps guide.

That will teach you the basics of using Node.js code steps in Pipedream workflows. This will show you the basics of using data from other steps, and exporting data from Node.js code steps.

Then you’ll be able to use if statements to conditionally export the data format for Google Sheets based on the topic of the webhook payload.