Help created person in PIPELINEDEALS

I want to create a person in pipelinedeals using node.js but I can’t find the code to send the post method. any idea ? I’m already receiving the get from the API with the information that my pipelinedeals contains.

Hi @jhodaorca12 welcome to the Pipedream community forum, happy to have you!

It sounds like you’re asking about our Pipeline integration. We do that a source for Pipeline, but we don’t currently have actions like creating a new person via their API.

However, this doesn’t mean you still can’t create a person in Pipeline from a Pipedream workflow.

Here’s a short screencast to show you how to create a Pipeline action in your workflow:

In the “code” section, you’ll want to send a POST request to Pipeline’s customer API.

Here’s the documentation for that exact step: API Documentation | Pipeline

If you’re still having trouble connecting to this API, could you share your workflow here?

thank you very much friend, I managed to make all the connections I had not seen the video hahaha thanks. maybe you know how I can call a step of creating a person create a deal with the id that created the person ?

@jhodaorca12 awesome glad that helped. Screenshots & screencasts speak volumes.

Could you share your workflow here? It would help me understand where you’re at so far.

There’s a blue “Share” button at the top right hand corner of the workflow page, you can use that to share the workflow publicly or just grant access to me (

I’m already sharing it with you friend, thank you
I’m already sharing it with you friend, thank you

@jhodaorca12 got it, thanks I must have missed the email the first time.

I believe I might have spotted the issue.

By default all variables within a step is only accessible to the step itself.

So in the steps.nodejs step, you defined a variable called data to hold the response data from the API:

const  data  = resp;

The data variable is only accessible in that step, not in following steps.

Here’s documentation on how to pass variables & data from one step to others downstream: What are steps?

So for example:

// in the nodejs step = resp;

// downstream in the nodejs_1 step // contains the data from the first step now

broooooooooooooooooo!!! love you man! thanks sou much!!! man thanks!!!

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@jhodaorca12 my pleasure, glad I could help. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else!