Have You Been Impressed with the Pipedream Developer Experience?

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I was going to open a feature request, but ended up finding the feature discussion in Github. Nice! Deploy / Update Workflows via Git, API, CLI · Issue #220 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub I came across Pipedream in a blogpost, and have been really impressed with the developer experience so far.

Thanks Dan! We’re close to having something to beta there. What’s your specific use case?

Oh sorry, I see you commented there! Thanks

As a humorous follow up, I asked ChatGPT, who had me convinced that the “Export” button I had searched for was in fact there all along. I had to look a second time. :joy:

haha great hallucination. We’re working on a Q&A bot trained on Pipedream docs / community posts that should produce much better answers

do you have a rough timeframe of when this will go into beta?
I have started to use Pipedream a lot at my company. We are a consulting company so we are building workflows in our organization account and then are having our clients’ make their own accounts which we then “push” (replicate) workflows into. As we continue to scale this, the amount of duplicate work this takes is the major prohibiting factor for us right now.

I don’t have an exact ETA, but we’re working with our first beta testers now. We’re planning to release to anyone on this list next, so I’d recommend signing up there to get access ASAP.