Have the Default Permissions on S3 Buckets Changed, Affecting Image Accessibility via Email?

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• Between yesterday and today it appears some of the default permissions on the S3 buckets have changed — is this the case?
Yesterday, :white_check_mark: I could send an email to pipedream with an image attached
◦ The image contentURL would be openable + would download locally
• Today, :red_circle: the email still sends but the image is not openable — URL gives 403 forbidden error and does not download locally
Related to steps.trigger.event.attachments[0].contentUrl in the generic email trigger

Is this new path intended?

Maybe it’s a short-lived URL?

That’s what I thought, but the shortest S3 limit on time is

This is all happening under that time box.

Creating a new workflow with the exact same steps smoothed things out.

Closing this ticket.