Has There Been a Change in How Pipedream Evaluates `$end` Statements in V1 Workflows?

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Hi Team I have a V1 workflow that has been operating for over 3 years. The usage really took off over the last month. This workflow handles events from Hasura. It looks to me like perhaps some difference in how Pipedream is evaluating $end statements in the workflow? Now I’m seeing errors in the hasura logs like this:

"data": {
        "message": "$.respond() not called for this invocation"
    "type": "client_error",

There are some branches where I exit early, but it seems like that used to be ok. But now it’s throwing an error. Could anyone at pipedream confirm or deny that? Thanks!

Hi ! v1 workflows are deprecated but I can do my best to investigate. Would you mind creating a support ticket at Support - Pipedream? Thanks

Ok yes, will do. But they should continue running, right?

Thanks! Yes, they should continue running


Hey , have you filed a support ticket yet? I’m not seeing it

No, not yet, was working on a quick fix. I’ll start logging it now, thanks.

Logged :+1: