Has Pipedream Set Up a Mastodon Account?

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do yall (Pipedream Inc, Pipedream Enterprises, etc :wink: have a Mastodon account yet?

Nope! What’s your impression so far?

i think there’s two answers here - general user, and “i have something to promote”, which i do kinda, my blog, etc

as a general user, its HELLA more calm

like, night and day

as a way to ‘promote’, its not as useful as twitter, just because of sheer size

so i still tweet my new posts on twitter

if i were a company, id have a presence though - it costs nothing


Yea and we can see that Mastondons are finding use in webhooks too:

Which servers are you typically on?

my account is on mastodon.social, i set up an alias though so folks can find me @raymondcamden@raymondcamden.com