Has Anyone Noticed the Unannounced 10x Increase in New Pricing Plans?

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Anyone else seen the new pricing plans? Seems like the pricing just went up 10x? and without notice?

are you an existing customer, or still on the free plan?

Hi . We’re a existing customer

The new pricing doesn’t yet affect you, you’ll remain on the plan you signed up for

We just released the new pricing for new users, and aren’t changing any existing plans right now. This is why we didn’t send an announcement about it. Let me know if that helps

But will that make an existing customers upgrade path expensive? That would be a major blocker in upgrading

Hi Marc,

For existing customers it depends heavily on where they are at usage wise.

One piece of feedback we regularly received with the prior pricing model was that folks wanted to upgrade but the subscription felt misaligned with their usage needs – they didn’t need the amount of credits packaged into the tiers.

The pricing makes the higher tiers more accessible for customers getting started or with low volume/high value workflows.

It also includes automatic discounting as usage volume increases - even without any type of usage commitment levels.

I’m happy to chat about additional pricing discounts for folks with meaningful usage that are looking to upgrade plans.

Hey, it’s a business and you want to make revenue, so you go for it. We are at a time of scaling so it becomes a business decision on our end also. If you get it right, revenue is good on your end and customers are retained, If you get it wrong, customers will always go where the pricing is more attractive as long as the service is reliable.
We are happy as can be with Pipedream, as we are still small scale.