"Has Anyone Else Experienced This?"

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Anyone else getting this?

Pipedream Support (support@pipedream.com) created new incident Spike in Pipedream Internal Errors for workflows with status Investigating.
We’re seeing a spike in Pipedream Internal Errors across workflows, and we’re investigating.
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Ok, will track that incident. Thanks


getting concerned that its been almost 3 hours since the incident. we have production workflows running on the pd stack and need to know if we should shift them elsewhere until this gets resolved. are there any known workarounds in the meantime?

Having similar issues.

Just an update to the incident.

We use AWS Lambda as a part of our backend to process workflow events. AWS experienced issues due to the scale of workflows we run, and had to throttle our traffic, which triggered the incident.

We got in touch with the AWS team, and they shipped a patch to address the issue around 6:00 UTC. We began to process the backlog of events. By 7:06 UTC, all issues were resolved and incoming events were processing as normal.

We’ll be publishing a more detailed post-mortem in the near term. Thanks for your patience.