Gorgias customer - add Shopify customer tag


I need to add a tag on Shopify to all the customers who used Gorgias chat.
I haven’t figured out which event I should use as a trigger from Gorgias. Is it when:

a) A new customer is created
b) A new ticket is created or
c) A ticket is updated.

If I understand correctly, then the flow would be following:
After a trigger (a, b or c) from Gorgias I find out customer email either by an API call or from the event data. How exactly?
Since our Gorgias customer object does not have an external_id, I need to make an API call to Shopify and use customer email to check if it’s a Shopify customer. If affirmative, then I have to make another API request to add a tag.

Is this the correct way or am I missing something?
Thank you in advance!

Hi @kaia,

First off, welcome to Pipedream! Happy to have you!

  1. You can use Gorgias New Ticket source

  2. Then you don’t need to call to Shopify API, as Pipedream Shopify app has the Add Tag action that allow you to add tag to the Account using Account ID. If the ID is not exists .i.e not a shopify customer, the action will just fail

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Thank you very much!