Google Sheets Add Multiple Rows modification request

Since component GS Add Single Row can not be added into a Loop I tried to use
Add Multiple Rows, but its logic and GUI should be improved I think.
In Add Single Row we are able to map columns, which is great, because data can come from object properties ( like in most of the cases ),
but in Add Multiple Rows we should have to convert array af objects to array of arrays, where a) unnecessary object properties must be removed, b) object properties must be reordered (not being able to map them to GS),
so you can see it is a pain in the S, so should be improved significantly - I think.

My business case is a pretty general one: I want to search Twitter, enrich result with some metadata, process some data parts of the Twitter result and save the enriched, processed result to Google Sheets.

I’m honestly sorry, but after weeks of testing PD again, I probably will do it in Google Apps Scripts from zero, because here in PD a single Looping of existing PD components’ sequences and using such very important prebuilt components like GS Add Single or Multiple Rows are not working handily in some very general use cases.

Hi @vanetreg

We definitely hear your concerns with the missing iteration support, it would make using the pre-built actions designed for one record much more useful.

But I can at least offer a workaround for your issue.

You can create a separate workflow that’s designed to accept one Tweet at a time from your “iterating” workflow.

Just loop over the tweets in your original workflow and send it to your Tweet processing workflow via HTTP:

for(const tweet of steps.twitter.advanced_search.$return_value) {
     url: "',
     method: 'POST',
     body: tweet

That way you can use the pre-built actions with one record at a time, while still searching many tweets.

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