Google Drive Instant File Trigger Not Working

Hi. I created my first trigger using Google Drive > My Drive > Folders > Selected the folder
When I got to ‘Action Required’ and ‘Waiting for events’ I added a couple of files to the selected folder and… nothing… an hour later… nothing. Still ‘Waiting for events’.

So I deleted the workflow and started again… Still not detecting new files in the folder.

I’ve given permission to add my Google account to Pipedream and can’t see anything else I can do.

Is there anything else I can do?



I was hoping to delete the post because it turns out it does detect some audio files, just seems rather picky about the format of the audio files. I don’t understand why but m4a files I created on my Mac don’t work.

Hi @martin, thank you for raising this

Would you mind submitting a ticket here Sign in to GitHub · GitHub, sharing the file that is not emitting event?