Getting Timeout error frequently

Hi Team,
I noticed that getting timeout error most frequently. Can you please help me to fix this…


getting timeout frequently

I got a thread where you have explained about increase the timeout time from settings

I made the changes, let’s see… Will update the ticket accordingly.

@sumitrathi that’s correct. The timeout error indicates that code was still running when the workflow reached its max execution time (default of 30 seconds, which as you mentioned, can be raised up to 5 min).

Workflows with many steps, and many external API calls, can just take a long time to run. So I frequently have to raise the timeout for those kind of workflows.

The timeout error should be raised at a specific step, which means you should be able to identify where it’s timing out, and focus your troubleshooting there.

Other potential issues:

  • An API call to a third party is taking a long time to respond, and the workflow times out before it does.
  • The service you’re calling isn’t available, or requires you to whitelist IP addresses to access the service, so it’s not accessible to the public internet by default.
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Thanks for clarification