Getting Random Errors out of nowhere

Suddenly all our workflows that depend on triggers are simply firing errors: “Please retry your event or reach out to Pipedream support at if this error persist”. We haven’t done anything. Just everything keeps firing randomly and triggering errors.

AWS Lambda is having issues:

I’d like to know though - is there a way I can make specific events retrigger once this service outage is over?

I use Pipedream to add buyers to specific ConvertKit lists when they purchase, and I don’t fancy manually adding them one-by-one after this is done.

@thomas Even during most severe incidents, we’ll enqueue incoming events, and will process the backlog of events once the incident is over. In this specific case, we were able to queue many incoming events, until 3:51 AM UTC, when we had to disable our inbound event service. At 6:04am, we re-enabled the collection of incoming events again.

During that time, ConvertKit would have received a 503 HTTP error from Pipedream. Many webhook providers queue failed events on their side and retry with exponential backoff. I couldn’t find specific details in the ConvertKit docs, but it’s possible they’ll send the events to the workflow again. You may want to reach out to them to see if that’s the case.