Getting 404 when using auth with any of steps

I’ve not been able to get any “Coda” step to work. I’m getting 404 even if I use the step “whoamI”.

Hi @onaimad Thanks for reaching out. I had two questions for you:

  • When you created your Coda API key, did you add any restrictions on it? Can you try creating a completely new Coda API key, connect it in Pipedream, and try to run the workflow one more time?
  • If that fails to work, would you mind clicking the Share button at the top-right of your workflow and share it with

Hi Dylan, thanks for the reply.
I didn’t put any restriction on my API key, but regardless I did as per your suggestion.
The problem on my side persists so I did just share the workflow with you.


@onaimad did you modify the code to use the v1beta1 path in the URL? You’re hitting

but if you add a new Node.js Coda code step, the endpoint is actually:

Does that work? It works OK for my account.

oh you’re right, shame on me.
I simply used the component out of the box.

Apologies, it works fine now

No worries, glad it’s working!

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