Get Data from Google Sheet


Apologies if this gets asked a lot.

Is there a way for Pipedream to refresh a pivot table in a Google Sheet?

I have a notification workflow that works well, but when it rolls over to a new day and the Sheet hasn’t been opened by a user the data in the pivot table doesn’t refresh and therefore, does not show what events are happening today.

If someone then opens the Sheet, the Pivot Table refreshs and re-running the workflow sends the notification correctly.

To try sort this, I used a step at the start called “Add a single row” hoping that would trigger the pivot table to refresh but sadly it didn’t.

Thanks in advance!


@bradleyburgett94 It’s a good question and I’m not sure. My best advice here would be to ask Stack Overflow (where Google recommends asking for help on their APIs) if the Google Sheets API supports refreshing pivot tables via API. If they do, you’ll be able to make that API request in Pipedream. This endpoint looks promising.

I also found this thread, which may have a few good suggestions.

Let me know if that helps.