Firebase + Pipedream

Hello everyone! I am having issue for the last couple of days,
I have been working with pipedream + fitbit + firebase and everything was going smooth. Until a couple of days later i have been having this bug when connecting firebase admin SDK, this is the error i get.
This is the script gave from pipedream and it always worked but now pipedream is having this issue with firebase API.
I tried everything: Creating new project, new workflow, new account, different pc, clearing cache but still no use, do you guys have any ideas what the problem could be?
Any help is appreciated.

Hi @arenovatio

It looks like our new package manager is failing to bring in the firebase-admin package.

You may need to move the import statement above the run fuction and convert it to ESM:

import admin from 'firebase-admin'

If that doesn’t work, try pinning the firebase-admin to a specific version: