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Is it possible to send a POST request to an external API with data coming from Trello cards?


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Yes, it’s definitely possible. Please see this recent video showing how to trigger workflows on new Trello cards:

Instead of sending a message to a Discord channel, you can choose to instead use the Send HTTP Request action in your workflow.

Alternatively you can use Node.js, Python or Bash to send an HTTP request if you prefer code control.


Many thanks for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:
I will have a look on this video.
About trello, is it possible to monitor an action like clicking on a specific button and then do something like sending http post?

Yes, we offer several Trello triggers for workflows including:

  • New card created
  • Card updates
  • New label added to card

And even a custom webhook integration, so you can define specific events that should trigger Pipedream workflows.

Here’s a full list: https://pipedream.com/apps/trello#popular-trello-triggers

OK thanks I will have a look :slight_smile:

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