Extend "timer" Prop Component Docs

When creating a custom source and I bind a timer like so:

    timer: {
      type: '$.interface.timer',
      default: {
        intervalSeconds: 60 * 60 * 24,

I get a timestamp property on the event that is passed into the run function. Naively I assumed that to be in “ms” as JS (e.g. for Date) uses mostly “ms” and not seconds; but it turns out an actual UNIX timestamp in “seconds” is passed in the event field.

I would be great if the docs could be updated to reflect the unit. It would also be very nice if in addition it would also provide a “ms” timestamp on the event as you would convert it anyways in most cases.

Also the docs are quite vague on what is meant with “interface configuration” that is also added to the event. Would be nice to get some more details on that, e.g. it appears to me like the interval_seconds field is not present on every event?

Thanks for the feedback @chrigi! I created an issue in GitHub that you can +1 and follow. Also, feel free to submit a PR to our docs on GitHub or we can update.