Exporting Data Stores

Hi, it would be great if we could export our Data Stores.

Sometimes I log user data for short-term (1 to 2 week long) events, and it’s great that I can see what’s happened. But it would be even better if I could take the data and export it as a .csv or .json to analyze or share with the team more flexibly.

Thank you!

Hi there @lix, you can do this in a workflow if you want!

You can use a step to Get All Records in the Data Store you want, then create a Google Sheet or send them to some other API as a JSON file, etc.

Does that help?

Hey @danny! This is what I’ve been doing tbh, but it’s a kind of roundabout way of doing it.

I was hoping to pitch maybe an “Export” option on the Data Stores page, maybe in the “…” Options to the right of each Data Store.

It would be a lot more convenient, and isn’t too complex to implement I imagine.

Thank you for your suggestion though!