Exceeding every day - I want to run it manually every time

Hi, I’m just testing this out, i have one workflow and for now I want to trigger it manually rather than on a schedule ideally. I can’t use your service however because even though I’m not doing anything it automatically runs 300+ executions a day and then tells me I need a paid plan.

a) How do I set it to throttle to run one time in 24 hours (see the screenshot of how I set it)
b) How do I not run it on a schedule but ONLY run manually when desired. I would like to continue evaluating this system but it is blocking me every day.

Hi @chrislarsen3 sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting your workflow configured the way you want!

Can you tell me a bit more about what you’re trying to do? My suspicion is that maybe there is a trigger configured with your workflow that is running more frequently than it needs to be (trigger invocations count toward your overall daily total, which might be why you’re over your daily limit sooner than you’d expect).

Thanks, I’m trying to generate google sheets lines in another worksheet based on lines that are in a source sheet, and in the middle i’m adding a field with node.js.

I’m wondering where i set the frequency of the trigger, is that not the throttle I sent in the screenshot?

Should i be turning off the first step in the top right?

Got it. Would you mind sharing your workflow with me so I can take a look and help troubleshoot? You can do this via the blue “Share” button at the top right of your workflow and share it with danny@pipedream.com.