Events listener

How can I use a POST restful API to listen the events raised?

Can I try using it in localhost and debug?

@satyak5654 can you tell me more about your specific use case? When you say you’d like to listen to events that are raised, are you using a Pipedream event source or a workflow?

Are you specifically trying to send an HTTP POST request to your local machine so that you can see the event data there?

Hi dylburger, thanks for the reply
I am using workflow.

yes exactly, I want to send HTTP post request to my local machine to see event data

Thanks. I’d recommend three options:

  • To send an HTTP POST request to your local machine, you’ll need a service on your machine to accept network connections from the public internet. If you don’t already have this configured, I’d recommend a service like ngrok. ngrok lets you map a URL like to a process on your local machine. From Pipedream, you’d send HTTP requests to (your URL will be different), and ngrok will forward them to your local service.

  • If you’re running an event source, take a look at our docs on SSE and the REST API for retrieving events. SSE in particular is nice because, once you’ve opened a connection to the Pipedream SSE API, Pipedream will stream events to your local machine in real-time.

Let me know if that helps!