Error when trying to add Jotform API key

I’m getting the below error when trying to integrate with Jotform. I wonder if this is because our Jotform account is hosted on EU servers? Any suggestions?

Hi there. I just added the Jotform source to a new workflow and noticed that when I copied the API key from Jotform’s settings UI and pasted it into Pipedream, there was a new line entered (see screenshot). When I saved as-is, I was able to reproduce your same error. If I delete the extraneous line though I’m able to successfully save the source. Any chance that resolves your issue? (you can select “Connect Jotform” again to re-enter the API key)

Hi, thanks for looking into this. You’re right, there was an extra character in there. When I remove that and try again, I get this different error when trying to create a new workflow with my Jotform account:

I have granted that key full access in Jotform (can’t paste screenshot proof as I’m still a new user)

Any ideas?

Would you mind sharing your workflow with me so I can take a closer look? You can click the blue Share button at the top right of your workflow and share with

I can’t get as far as creating the workflow - I get that error at the point of adding Jotform as a trigger:

Maybe this is the point where using an EU-hosted Jotform breaks it? In other apps with Jotform integration I have been asked to specify EU or non-EU Jotform accounts.

Got it, yes that does indeed look like what’s happening. There are a few changes we’ll need to make in order to support EU vs US API endpoints, but here is the main ticket you can reference if you’d like to follow along with the progress: [ACTION] Jotform new actions · Issue #1456 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub.

I’ll keep you updated.

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Many thanks - following that issue in Github now.

FYI you should now be able to specify US vs EU endpoints when connecting your Jotform account to this source! You will have to remove the existing Jotform source from your workflow then re-add it, and you should get prompted to select the region when entering your API key again.

Thanks for your patience and please let me know if this works for you!

Amazing, thankyou for prioritising this.

It looks like the drop-down for selecting the form only shows 20 forms, sorted by most recently created. Is this a hard-coded limit and is it possible to get more than 20 forms loaded here?

@support-39d9cc yes, we’re working on more improvements to these sources, and we’ll make sure to correctly load all forms in your account.

I added this specific issue to the ticket where we’re tracking this work. You can follow that for updates to see our progress.

Let me know if you see anything else with this source that can be improved!