Error When Configuring Functional Source in Trigger

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Good morning! I have what appears to be a functional source, however, when I add it to a trigger, I’m unable to configure it, and I receive an error about it.

Hi Tyler, thanks for reaching out. Happy to help!

Can you please share the source ID? It should be shown in the URL when you have it open in the dashboard, it looks like dc_********

Yep, one moment

Thanks, that’s exactly what we need


And just for more context - did you create this source recently? In the past few days?

Yes, it was created yesterday

I did see this behavior yesterday as well

Hey folks, following up on this

Hi Tyler, thanks for the ping. It looks like the cause is because you ran out of credits for your billing period. You can adjust your credit budget in the settings under Billing & Usage

That’s odd, because this was happening as soon as I deployed, before I hit the limits

Did you create the source independently of the workflow?

I created the source via the cli, got it working, then tried to create a workflow from the UI

Ah yes, then it’s independent and therefore it will incur credits on every execution

what’s the difference between dependent and independent sources?

The difference between dependent and independent sources lies in how they are connected to workflows and how their state is affected by the parent workflow. Dependent sources are initially set when you add a source to a new workflow. Their state mirrors the state of their parent workflow. For example, if you pause or delete the workflow, the dependent source will also be paused or deleted. If you re-enable the workflow after pausing it, the source will be re-enabled as well. Independent sources, on the other hand, are not affected by the state of the workflow they are connected to. If you add the same source to another workflow or create a workflow and later remove and add a different source, the source will be independent from the workflow. This means pausing, re-enabling, or deleting the workflow will not impact the independent source. Currently, there is no user-facing indication for dependent vs. independent sources.

So what do I need to do, then? I need to pay to continue developing the app request?

If it’s an timer based trigger, you can decrease the interval to avoid the credit usage cap.

But if it’s webhook based, you may need to use a different account that has less activity to incur less usage.

Or you can upgrade to any paid plan to remove these limits