"Error deploying workflow: Validation failed: Deployment auth provisions" error in workflow

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Florian Verdonck : Hello, sometimes I receive the following error when deploying :

“Error deploying workflow:Validation failed: Deployment auth provisions”

Does anyone know what it means / how to prevent ?

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : Hi , are you a collaborator on this workflow? i.e. is this workflow owned by another user? Or vice versa - do you own this workflow, and has it been shared with someone else?

Florian Verdonck : It was initially created on my account, then “copied” on my client’s account.
Here I am using a specific Chrome session logged in my client’s account.
This usually works but I encountered this error a few times in the last days, maybe you changed something on your side ?

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : We did change some behavior here. Essentially the “auth provisions” the error notes are connected accounts you link to steps (e.g. Slack, Google). The owner of the workflow has to own all connected accounts. For example, you can’t have a case where a collaborator links their Slack account to a step, since they’re not the owner.

Is that the case here? If so, does that help you address the issue? i.e. is it possible to make sure that the owner of the workflow connects their account in the relevant step?

We’re planning to address this in the future to make the behavior (and the fix) more clear, but I hope that helps in the meantime.

Florian Verdonck : Ok Dylan, I will try that

Florian Verdonck : It’s working now. Thank you !

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : Great to hear!