Dynamically reference google sheet


I’m trying to dynamically reference a google sheet. I have a webhook trigger that receives the ID of the sheet. I’m then trying to pass the path to that ID as a custom expression to the Spreadsheet input field of the Sheets action.

Here’s the path: {{steps.trigger.event.body.sheet_id}}

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work because when I go to select the Sheet Name, I get “Requested entity was not found.” However, when I manually enter in the ID as a custom expression it works. Not sure why the path and the manually entered ID aren’t equivalent.

Any thoughts? The sheet ID from the trigger is a string.

Hi @carrano-dev

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Which Google Sheets action are you using specifically?

Can you share a screenshot of the entire step, including the Inputs section selected?

So I was able to get around this by manually entering in the sheet name (since that doesn’t change). But, I’m using the update_rows and add_multiple_rows actions.


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Hi @carrano-dev

Awesome, nice find. Do you mind filing a bug report about this issue? I think the action can be more intuitive: