Does Ctrl/Cmd+D Immediately Deploy Changes to Production?

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So apparently Ctrl/Cmd+D immediately deploys changes to production?!? :neutral_face:

Just hit it by accident/habit, because in my IDE that’s “delete line”.

Two very different effects…

Maybe a confirmation prompt would be nice?

Or a way to change some hotkeys.

is this a Git-backed workflow or not Git-backed?


This was a holdover from the older version of the builder. With Git we need to re-think keyboard shortcuts, and we’re just planning to remove it for now.

If you’d like, you can hold Cmd / Ctrl and ? and it’ll bring up the shortcut menu. Press into the deploy shortcut and press the key command you’d like to replace it with. That’ll essentially invalidate the shortcut for now before we remove it. The other shortcuts are no longer valid.

Alright, I’m pretty sure I won’t hit it anymore! :smile:


Thank you! :pray: