Does a Tool or Feature Exist that Converts a Workflow into a Diagram?

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is there a tool or feature that converts a workflow into a diagram?

I’m sorry, but currently, Pipedream does not provide a feature or tool that converts a workflow into a diagram. However, you can visually see the sequence of steps in your workflow in the Pipedream UI. If you need further assistance, please visit for more support options.

agreed this would be awesome! What kind of data specifically would you like to see in the diagram?

Something simple as a BPMN style thing, like this:

The other things are comments I added myself to document the workflow.

This one above is a simple one.

are you using step notes for the items at the top?

and just to confirm, are you using this outside of the Pipedream UI in some other doc, or do you want to see this diagram within the UI itself? We could provide both (i.e. put a better diagram in the UI, with the option to export), but I’m curious

Oh! I did not know about the step notes. Nice!

And I used to create the diagram. But no strings attached. A diagram inside of the UI itself would be good enough. And being able to export as a PNG would be also enough. Of course other formats would be nice to have, but 1st steps 1st.