Document Approval Workflow with Variable Number of Approvers

Hello! I am working on a workflow that starts with input from a Google form, then adds those responses to a new Sheet which in turn triggers my Pipedream workflow. I was originally asked to make a Workflow which would allow three people to approve a document in sequence. The workflow starts by sending the document in a Slack message to the first approver on the list, with buttons to either approve or reject. If they approve, the document is then sent to the second approver, and if they approve, the document is sent to the third approver. If at any point the document is rejected, the original user gets a notification and the workflow ends. Every approval and rejection is also logged on a Google Sheet. My current workflow works if there are exactly 3 approvers. However, I was told that the approval chain can have a variable number of approvers, maybe 2 to 5. I currently have 5 workflows in this process: The first flow that takes the information and sends the message to the first approver, the second, third, and fourth flows that are triggered by the ‘approve’ buttons from previous steps, and a fifth flow triggered by the reject button being hit at any step. I’ve used a combination of Sheets, Slack, and Python steps in these flows. Is there a way to make this sequence of workflows more flexible to handle various numbers of approvers in the chain?

I’m new to all of this, sorry if my message doesn’t have enough info. I can gladly add anything else needed.