Deprecating an Action

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Trendoscope : How do we handle deprecation? Let’s say, we created an action but that action got depreciated, can we do anything to hide the action without deleting it so that existing users will still get it but will not be available for new users / workflows.

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Danny Roosevelt : Yea we can unpublish from the Pipedream registry

Danny Roosevelt : This will not impact any workflows where the action is already added, but it won’t be listed anywhere to add to new workflows

Trendoscope : how do we do it from the code? Is there any flag we need to set or just delete the code?

Danny Roosevelt : This is for a component that’s been published to the Pipedream registry? And is in the pipedream repo?

Trendoscope : Yes, that’s right.

Danny Roosevelt : If so, yea you can just submit a PR with the code deleted. Feel free to @ me and I can unpublish from the public registry after we merge the PR.

Trendoscope : Cool. Thanks :+1: