Delete/Cleanup events on workflows

I am looking for a way to remove or clean up event data in Workflows. I found this article for Sources but am not sure how to apply it to Workflows (How long are source event logs kept for? Could I set it up so that they're deleted daily? - #7 by system).

The reason for this is to remove potentially sensitive information since the Workflow “source” event shows full information. I was looking at using a workflow schedule to perform a “delete” web request. Is this the best method or is another way better of doing this?

Thanks all!

Hi Eric,

Thanks for reaching out. Currently there’s not an API to delete workflow event data, but we’re planning to support that in the future. We’re also tracking a feature here that would let you automatically delete workflow data after some period of time.

Currently, events will automatically expire based on these limits.


Thank you for the info!