Create Salesforce Case from a Slack Workflow

Slack has a Workflow Builder, which allows you to show a form to collect data. In the Workflow Builder, it allows you to take the values from that form and do something with them, such as send them some pre-built web apps.

My team uses Salesforce Cases for our simple task management, and we wanted to be able to create a Case for our team to handle from our Slack channel. I was surprised to discover that Slack, while owned by Salesforce for a few years now, does not have Salesforce as a destination in Slack Workflows! So am I unable to accomplish my goal?

Slack Workflows does have a connector for Google Sheets. I remembered that Pipedream had an excellent standard integration Google Sheets, so could I use Pipedream to serve as a bridge between Slack Workflows and the Salesforce REST API? I could! And I did! And it took less than an hour!

The new Pipedream builder (as of last year-ish) was absolutely easy to understand and use! Nice work Pipedream team! It’s not often that developer tools are so easy to use!

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Thank you so much for the kind words!

Please let us know any cool ideas you may have to make Pipedream better! Good luck on your journey with Pipedream!