Could not compute configurable props


For the past 6 months, I have been using the “@thirdweb-dev/sdk” package in my Pipedream workflows.

However, it has suddenly stopped working and now throws the error message “could not compute configurable props” whenever I try to run a node script using it.

The latest version of the package has not worked for some time but I have been able to run it using version 2.4.9 of “@thirdweb-dev/sdk” (@thirdweb-dev/sdk@2.4.9).

I am wondering what has changed within Pipedream that has caused this package to stop working given that it was supported at one point and how I can resolve this issue.

Also a weird side note, I have a paid workspace (@OME) that also uses the Thirdweb package in 15+ workflows (version 2.4.9) and they are working fine.

Please help!

Hi @jackmorgan

You can report bug reports on actions and triggers here in our public Pipedream Github Repository:

A Pipedream team developer or community member will investigate and make a new version to attempt to fix it if they can reproduce the bug.

All Pipedream triggers and actions are open source, so you can also contribute your own fix if you’d like.

Learn about how to develop new and modify existing components here: Overview