Connection to Google Contacts and Google Groups


Is it possible to connect pipedream to Google Contacts and Google Groups ?
I need to do some actions starting from trello, and then add some ressources inside Google Contacts and Google Groups.
Is it possible?


Hello @toonetcreation, Pipedream supports Google People (Contact), but unfortunately we don’t have Google People (Contact) - Create Contact action. Also Pipedream doesn’t support Google Groups for now.

I’ve created 2 tickets here to match your need:

ok many thanks for the feedback.
So 2 questions :

  1. now what are the actions supported by your google contact connector?
  2. Is it possible to create a scenario to send http post request to google contact API with another connector ?
  3. is there any possibilty to run bash/shell script from your service ?

There’re four of these.

You can add your own code to call to Google Contact API to create contact, by choosing this option below

Yes. You can follow this document Bash

Many thanks for your feedback I check this out :wink:

Sorry I forgot another point.

  1. if I create a Bash script, is it possible to write log files Somewhere for instance ?

  2. in order to parse Json files, I’m using JQ binary. Is it possible to host JQ Somewhere I Can call it to parse JSON files?

I think you can pipe the log to the tmp folder (example), then add an action to upload the log file in tmp folder to a file storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc…

I’m not sure if we can install library, maybe @pierce might be able to answer you

Ok understood thanks.
For info, about JQ, does not need an installation, juste copy/paste the binary file.
More info here : jq

Hi @toonetcreation

That’s correct, Pipedream Bash code steps have the jq binary pre-installed. You can see some examples of using jq to access data from other steps data in a workflow here:

Ok so that’s perfect thanks :wink:

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Hi I’m not trying to highjack this post :smiling_face:, but I’m trying to do something similar with Google Contacts.

I need a middle man to sit between ERPNext and Google Contacts to do CRUD. I understand that the C part need to write code in node or python. I wonder if there’s any documentation for me to kickstart this?

Hi @charles

You can read this set of docs to learn how to use any 3rd party API with Pipedream using your connected account in a Node.js setup:

We do not have a tutorial specifically for this API, but our YouTube channel has many examples of connecting APIs in Node.js steps:

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Thank you @pierce

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Hello toonetcreation

Just do advice that Create, and Add members to groups are available via the Google Directory API, which is available for integration> Google Directory API Integrations - Pipedream

Regarding the ticket that Leo created for you about the Add Member to group, this is the relevant documentation: Directory API: اعضای گروه  |  Admin console  |  Google for Developers

I-d advise you follow the ticket for component creation update

[APP] Google Groups · Issue #4968 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream (



Sorry I forgot your reply, I had no email notification.
Thanks for the clarification.