Compute time has suddenly skyrocketed!

Hello! I’ve had the same workflows running for over a year now with no problems, haven’t really changed anything. In the last week or so, I’m getting “you’ve reached your maximum compute time” errors at about 2pm rather than the midnight (if ever) that I used to. I haven’t changed anything on the flows.

I can’t seem to figure out what step is taking so long either.

Help appreciated!


Hi @habbox

That is tricky, but it comes down to either the amount of data being processed or perhaps a change in a dependency on one of your code steps that introduced a bug or performance issue.

The event inspector will show how long a particular workflow ran against a specific event, that is where I would start.

Thanks @pierce - nothing’s changed in terms of the amount of data being processed since I set the workflows up and the event inspector pretty much looks like the same as it did a year ago. Again literally nothing has changed in my code or workflows since I set this all up.

I noticed some errors when I started to look into things which were odd (again because nothing changed in any of my code)

Front end - $.respond() not called for this invocation

Workflow error;

HTTP_RESPONSE_INVALID_ARGS$respond called incorrectly. Check

RSS generator code copied from dylburger original version. Has something changed somewhere? I’m not really a JS dev.

Thanks for the help.

Hi @habbox,

Front end - $.respond() not called for this invocation

It sounds like somehow you’ve copied v1 workflow code into a v2 workflow, which is now the default.

The $.respond in v1 has become $.flow.respond in v2 workflows. The complete migration guide is here:

Per the compute time change, if the code hasn’t changed then it most likely is a data volume change or a change in an underlying NPM package used in one of your steps. But I would guess it’s more the former than the latter.

Hey, so I’ve figured out most bits and pieces and decided not to upgrade to V2 (just not technical enough to understand that migration documentation unfortunately).

Howver I’m still getting the Front end - $.respond() not called for this invocation error, and AxiosErrorRequest failed with status code 400 on the same workflow, from the original one I’m using from dylburger:

Any idea? Thanks so much.