Cold Starts and Edge Functions?

Pipedream is an amazing platform for executing functions that don’t require an immediate response with data sent back to the client. However, the cold start issue, makes it unsuitable for many client side apps that require an immediate response. The solution given for cold starts on Pipedream is not really suitable for a variety of reasons For these types of applications, we have been using Cloudflare Workers platform. Is there any work being down at Pipedream to implement workflows using the V8 engine (what Workers is based on)? I know this will greatly limit the types of workflows that can be run, b/c of limitations with V8, but it’s a worthwhile tradeoff for many applications that require a faster execution time. Vercel recently introduced Edge functions which are built on Cloudflare technology. So maybe Pipedream can do something similar? In that way, we can host all our workflows on Pipedream, with no need to host certain serverless functions on Cloudflare to eliminate cold start issues. When you start a workflow, I guess you can say, which platform to run on - V8 or the regular one. Any feedback? Thanks!

Hi @osseonews

Definitely understand the issue, you can use our recommended approach to keeping workflows warm. However, you need to have N times number of scheduling workflows running to the number of workers you’d like to keep warm.

Could you please add your feedback to the feature request tracking this issue?