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I’m looking for a way to run a bash script to publish an updated version from code base when a merge request on github is approved. I’m not quite sure how to login without using the browser pop up, so that I can run pd publish automatically to push the code up to the pipedream with yml.

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Hi @jimmywu

Have you tried using the pd login command after installing the CLI tool?

It should automate the authentication process and open up a browser window.

If not you can define your API keys in your ~/.config/pipedream/config file.

Here’s documentation on how to login with pd login:

And here’s how to add profiles to your config file so you can use separate pd profiles under your same CLI tool:

I hope this helps!

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I got it now, thanks a lot.

And I may have another problems. When I try to update the code on pipedream after ‘pd publish xxx’, and hope to have it deployed without the need to go to pipedream and click on update and deploy.
After I published the code, I received an id like this.
Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 4.59.06 PM
I have tried using ‘pd update’, but not sure what parameter to put in after the ‘pd update’ .

Thanks again!

Hi @jimmywu

The pd update refers to updating sources not actions. Please see the CLI reference here: CLI Reference

The full definition of all available CLI commands are available there. Alternatively you can use the pd help command to list them.

Unfortunately at this time you need to use the Update button on actions individually in your workflows to update them to your latest version published by the CLI.

But you can always request for new features on our official Github issue tracker.

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