Cisco Webex with Whatsapp

Hi, anyone can help me to integrate cisco web with whatsapp, i would like to send message from webex to whatsapp, I have success to setup my cisco webex account but not whatsapp. I dont know where to find token when I fill the form to connect the whatsapp.

Hi @santanacleuton

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

Glad to hear you have half of your workflow set up.

May I ask which Whatsapp action you’re using in the workflow? Is it the Chat API for WhatsApp - Send Message action?

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Hi @pierce, yes is this Chat API for WhatsApp - Send Message that I’m trying to use but I don’t know how to setup to send message from Cisco Webex to Whatsapp business.

Thanks for confirming @santanacleuton

That action is powered by this service: WhatsApp Business API gateway for sending messages, marketing campaigns and bots for PHP, JavaScript and Python

You can sign up for an account there which will grant you an access token to use in your Pipedream actions.

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