Can't Enter API Key to Create OpenAi Connection

The modal to create a new connection to OpenAI is not letting me enter my API key. It will flash whatever it’s supposed to display briefly, but then it turns into these grey boxes that don’t let me enter text.

I’m having this issue when I try to create the connection within my step as well as when I go to the Connected Accounts page and try to create it from there.

This is happening in both Chrome and Firefox.

@CelesteBancosHP Thanks for reporting, I’m taking a deeper look.

Could you do me a favor and try the following on a Chrome guest window (to remove any cache / cookies / extensions issues):

  1. Open Chrome Dev Tools → Network tab, filter for
  2. Visit and try to connect your OpenAI account once more
  3. If you’re still seeing the issue, can you right click on any row there and select the option to Save all as HAR with content? Then email that to

  1. Still in Chrome Dev Tools, can you visit the Console tab? Do you see any errors there? If so could you take a screenshot?


I did not have the issue when following these directions, and then I tried it the regular way and it’s also working fine now.

Thank you!