Can't deploy my Workflows anymore

Hi there,

I’ve been using Pipedream for month now and I love it.

However, I’m facing an issue, I can’t “Deploy” or “Save” my Workflow anymore.
I can reproduce on everey Workflow I have.
Each time I click, it’s loading during 2-3 seconds and then the banner appears again, and my changes aren’t saved.

Is it a known issue?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Hi @bgauthie

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

That’s very odd, I see you’re running a v1 workflow in that screenshot you shared, but I was able to save and deploy a v1 workflow on my account.

Could you share the workflow ID of an example workflow on your account with this issue?

For example, with the workflow open, the ID is the p_***** string:


Hi @pierce,

Thanks for your help.

Here is an ID: comeen-play-new-user-sign-up-en-p_8rCLaee

Let me know if I can help.


Hi @bgauthie

Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed.

I went ahead and cleared your development environments, it’s possible that there was an issue there. Next time you open your workspace, new ones will be issued.

I tried opening up the logs on your example workflow, but no errors where recorded. So it’s not happening during the build step as you’re deploying your workflow. We’ll keep digging!

But hopefully that clearing of development environments fixes the issue, please let me know if it does.

Hi @pierce,

Thanks for your quick reply!

Unfortunately, I still have the issue, here is a video:


Hi @pierce,

Do you have an update on this?

It’s becoming critical on our side.

Thanks a lot,

Hi @bgauthie

Thanks for the video, much appreciated. I noticed that you made a change to the param, and then reverted the change before you clicked deploy.

Have you tried making a change that’s not different from the original version of the param and deploying?

I think there’s some kind of validation going on that makes sure there’s a change in your workflow before it updates the version of the workflow.

Hi @pierce,

I don’t follow you.

The video is actually a GIF so maybe it looped.

I didin’t revert anything.

“Have you tried making a change that’s not different from the original version of the param and deploying?”
I won’t have the deployment button then, right?

I’ve tried to do some other changes to any of my other Workflows, like activating a step or desactivating one. Same result…

I realy need help there.
It works well for month, but now I’ll have to look to another solution if we can’t fix this issue.


Hi @bgauthie sorry, that’s super frustrating.

I see what you mean now by the repeating GIF, I assumed you were changing characters and reverting them and trying to deploy after the “pseudo” change.

I’m sorry, but I’m not able to reproduce the bug at all - have you tried using a different browser or clearing cache on specifically?

Hi @pierce,

I did remove cache and also loged out/login.

I’ve just tried in Incognito mode, and it’s working!
I don’t know what’s happening but I will use Pipedream with Incognito mode now.

Thanks for your help


@bgauthie great to hear!

Since you weren’t able to deploy on a cleared cache, I wonder if perhaps it could be an extension you have enabled on your browser interfering with the frontend somehow. Your browser extensions aren’t enabled in incognito mode.

Opening a new incognito window every time you want to deploy new changes isn’t ideal, maybe trying to disable each one by one until you’re able to deploy on your normal browser window will narrow down the culprit.