Can Pipedream Help with API Calls and Authentication Data?

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Hi all, I am working on a product that needs to do a bunch of api calls from a third party service that exposes those api’s.Basically its a lot of back and forth.Also I need authentication data to send in order to authorize.Can Pipedream help me in this regard ? Thanks


You can connect your 3rd party service to Pipedream and either use prebuilt actions, easy HTTP builder actions or code like Node.js or Python to send authenticated requests in workflows.

What’s the service your looking to integrate?

Well in the product that we are creating, we are using Banks as third party service.

Are you using a service like Plaid to abstract the bank connection?

We haven’t decided on that.Basically in the product we are building , we want to utilise api’s exposed by banks.Let’s say the api to create a new bank account.

Ok. I’m not aware of any official banking related APIs that we have official integrations for. But you can request to have them made

But even unofficially, you can connect to any API with Pipedream, you would just have to manage auth tokens within ENV variables or another service.

Thanks Pierce . I loved reading Pipedream Docs. Will get back to you in case of any updates.

Thank you! Sure thing