Can Pipdream Manage Codebases that Rely on JDK 11 and an NPM Library?

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, I have a platform that runs an npm library that has JDK 11 as adependency in order to run. Can Pipdream manage codebases that rely on this version?

Pipedream currently supports Node.js and does not directly support Java or JDK. Therefore, if your npm library requires JDK 11 to run, it may not work as expected on Pipedream. Pipedream’s environment is primarily designed to run JavaScript and Node.js code. However, if your npm library is a Node.js package that interfaces with Java code or services, and doesn’t require the Java runtime to execute within the same environment, it might work. Please ensure to check the specific requirements of your npm library and how it interacts with JDK 11. If you need further assistance, feel free to visit for more support options.

What’s the package? Happy to look into this. Are you currently getting an error trying to use it?

I haven’t yet set it up, because I saw Pi as a quick way to figure out if it’s supported. Can I DM you ?

Is it a private package? Happy to DM but we love to do support in public in case others have the same question and you’re willing to chat here!