Bug in Workflow Inspector Showing No Trigger Configured Despite HTTP Trigger Present

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I’m seeing a bug where workflow ‘inspector’ page says No Trigger Configured, but HTTP trigger shows up under edit and is still working :thinking_face:
I have video and can share workflow ID via DM.

Seeing the same thing on my end.

I see this as well — thanks for flagging, looking into it with the team.

Sounds good. I did some troubleshooting of trying to re-create the trigger. Making a new workflow, copying the workflow and also an entirely different trigger/workflow. All with the same results.

We’re tracking this here: [BUG] Deployed workflow shows No Trigger Configured · Issue #6377 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub

FYI this is fixed, thank you for flagging! :slightly_smiling_face: