BCC with smtp2go

My work flows are fine when i send a single emmail but whenevr i tried using bcc i get errors

Error - Request failed with status code 400

{“request_id”:“1ab96b10-e87e-11ed-b331-f23c9216ce11”,“data”:{“error”:“An error occurred processing the json data you sent with the request, please make sure the data conforms to the specification for this call (see the documentation here: SMTP2GO | API Documentation) and try again. Don’t forget to set Content-Type to ‘application/json’.”,“error_code”:“E_ApiResponseCodes.NON_VALIDATING_IN_PAYLOAD”,“field_validation_errors”:{“fieldname”:“bcc”,“message”:“The field ‘bcc’ was expecting a valid RFC-822 formatted email field but found ‘\n{"fieldname":"stream",\n\n"bcc":\n[{"email":"samwardtruck@gmail.com","dreamcrt211@gmail.com"}],\n\n"Content-Type":"application/JSON"\n}\n’, Please correct your JSON payload and try again.”}}}.

Please how to rectify it

Hi @samwardtruck , can you confirm if you’ve passed the emails as an array?

Something like this:

No, can you explain how i can pass the email as an array.

In the BCC email address(es) section, click on Construct an array, and then add the emails one at a time using the + button as seen in my screenshot.

Let me know if that fixes it for you!

I tried it and error still persist. clicked on the plus button

Can you share a screenshot of how it is configured on your side? Please obfuscate any sensitive information before sharing.

smtp2go_send_single_email_with_template, it does not have any code entry from my end its a template on pipedream. You can search it and see if you can find a way around it.

Interesting, I will look into this specific action. As a test, can you try using the Send Single Email action (no template) and see if BCC is functioning correctly for you there?

Yes, i put an email in recipient and i added more mails in Bcc and it was successful