Avoiding parking tickets with Pipedream

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Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : I live in San Francisco, where the city cleans streets on a schedule. If you don’t move your car before cleaning begins, you get a ticket. The problem is - the schedule is different street to street, so I used to get a lot of tickets since I never remembered when I was supposed to move it.

I used Pipedream to create reminders to remind me to move my car at the right time, with some help from iOS Shortcuts and a handful of APIs. It was fun to solve a “real world” problem like this - hope the write up is helpful.

David Watson : That’s a really awesome post … very, very enjoyable read

AND … as you so rightly said, makes you think about using Pipedream for even more things than purely work-related!!!


Gui Pra : A friend of mine actually developed an app for that a few years ago :smile: https://www.parkingaide.com/

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : Thanks ! Let me know if you hack on a cool personal project