Announcing a new version of the UI

We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new frontend! This brings many user-facing performance improvements and other internal changes to the developer experience that will help our team ship faster.

We’ve tested this for a month internally, and we’ll be releasing this progressively to all users over the next two weeks, but we wanted to give you a chance to test and provide early feedback.

How to join the beta

Visit and check the box labeled frontend-next enabled. You can visit this page again to disable the beta.

How to provide feedback

Please join the #frontend-next channel and provide any feedback or bugs there.

What’s changing

Over the last two years, Pipedream has grown from prototype to 150k users. We’ve had to change the product drastically over this time, and that adds tech debt. We developed the new version of the app with the best new frontend tools, which should help us quickly add new features and address bugs. We’re very excited about it internally!

It should also be noticeably faster. For those of you who like performance metrics, here are a few of the key things this rewrite brings:

  • Server side rendering - Server side rendering (SSR) enables us to deliver faster page loading times and allow users to more quickly interact with our pages. We reduced our Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) time by 27% and our Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) to 0, well within Google’s standards. These improvements should also help us address Time to First Byte (TTFB) performance issues moving forward.
  • Upgrade to Vue 3 - We want the Pipedream application to be faster, smaller, and more maintainable, so we made the jump to Vue 3. The benefits are broad: tree-shakeability, better TypeScript support, and Suspense (alpha) which enables more interesting UI patterns we can leverage going forward (importantly, this helped with the migration to SSR).
  • Webpack to Vite - Vite will enable us to ship smaller code chunks for modern browsers by leveraging ES Modules and massively improve build times (via esbuild in development, and we expect more to come for production builds).
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