Airtable Error: Value is not an array of record IDs

I’m trying to pass a record Id into a linked field in Airtable, to create a relationship.
The prebuilt steps have this ability, but when I create a custom coded step I get this error.

Value is not an array of record IDs.(INVALID_VALUE_FOR_COLUMN)[Http code 422]
DETAILS at global.handleError (/var/task/common.js:39:40)

Is there another format I’m supposed to pass the record ID in?

const record_ID = steps.trigger.event.query.recordID;

await base(this.tableId).create({
“Linked Field Name” : record_ID,

I’ve also tried : “Linked Field Name” : { "id": ${record_ID}, } ,

Any help appreciated.

nevermind figured it out. Just needs to be an array like this:
“Linked Field Name” : [“recWg2ToYbM7bkeXb”],

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Glad to hear you sorted it out @garretttstark

Do you have any feedback on how we could improve this prop to make it easier to use?