Advice on connecting to an OAuth service in a Node.js code step

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Raymond Camden : Query - perhaps dumb. If an API requires OAuth, I could just write a Node step that hits the endpoint to get an access token, and then uses the access token to hit the endpoint I care about. That should just work, but is there a better way? (Ie a “Pipedream” way)

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : Do you have your own app with its own OAuth client ID / secret in this case, or are you just connecting to the API as a user, like you would for OneDrive or Twitter?

Raymond Camden : i intended the first, but would like to discuss both if possible (also, will be afk a bit in a few minutes so may be slow to respond)

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : What’s the API? We can create a custom “app” in Pipedream where you can enter your own client ID / secret and we’ll automatically generate access tokens for you like a normal OAuth Pipedream integration.

We’re planning to let you build your own app so you can do this yourself in the future: .

We can also add a Pipedream integration (#2) similar to other integrations.

Raymond Camden : Ehh - I wouldn’t want you to build an app for this, I know I always say “Im just playing”, but this is really just me experimenting. But you did kind of answer my question. I could do as I said (fetch to get Access Token, then do the hit), ask yall to build one, or build my own app in the future. is that a fair summary?

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : That’s exactly right. If you want us to build the app config it’s generally not too hard (takes us minutes) so we’re always happy to help

Raymond Camden : k - thx. as it stands, this particular idea i had hit a brick wall pretty quick. used to support returning character info w/o requiring you to be a particular character owner. now you only get characters via a user login flow and only for that user.

Tod Sacerdoti : Regardless, I added a v1 of -

Raymond Camden : Nope, I told you you weren’t allowed. :stuck_out_tongue: