Access to Google Analytics Data API (for GA4)

Hi Pipedream Team!
I would like to access the Google Analytics Data API to access the data in my GA4 property from my Pipedream workflows.
I would love to use the Google Analytics Connected Account which Pipedream already provides. However, when I run the code below in a node in a workflow, I get an error that explains that Pipedream’s Google Cloud Project (id=277994997063) does not have the Google Analytics Data API enabled.

So my request is if the Pipedream team can please enable this API in the Google Cloud Project so that the code below will work?

//All code taken and modified from:

import { BetaAnalyticsDataClient } from '@google-analytics/data';
import { OAuth2Client } from 'google-auth-library';
import { grpc } from 'google-gax';

const propertyId = 'xxxxxxxx';

async function runReport(analyticsDataClient) {
    const [response] = await analyticsDataClient.runReport({
        property: `properties/${propertyId}`,
        dateRanges: [
                startDate: '2022-08-01',
                endDate: 'today',
        dimensions: [
                name: 'campaign',
        metrics: [
                name: 'activeUsers',

    let results = [];
    response.rows.forEach(row => {
        results.append([row.dimensionValues[0], row.metricValues[0]]);

    return results;

function getAnalyticsDataClient(oauthAccessToken) {
    const oAuth2Client = new OAuth2Client();
        access_token: oauthAccessToken,
        scope: '',
        token_type: 'Bearer',

    const sslCreds = grpc.credentials.createSsl();
    const credentials = grpc.credentials.combineChannelCredentials(
    return new BetaAnalyticsDataClient({
        sslCreds: credentials,

export default defineComponent({
    props: {
        google_analytics: {
            type: "app",
            app: "google_analytics",
    async run({steps, $}) {
        const analyticsDataClient = getAnalyticsDataClient(this.google_analytics.$auth.oauth_access_token);
        await runReport(analyticsDataClient);